Camus XO Intensely Cognac

Camus XO Intensely Cognac


Size: 700ML
ABV%: 40%
Country: France

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About this product
Camus XO Intensely Cognac is a rich and complex spirit, with a depth of flavours that can only come from the finest eaux-de-vie. The grapes used to create this exceptional Cognac are grown in the prestigious Borderies cru, known for producing grapes with a particularly floral and spicy character. After distillation, the eaux-de-vie are aged for many years in Limousin oak casks, allowing the flavours to mellow and develop over time. The resulting spirit is a smooth and velvety Cognac with notes of honey, vanilla, and dried fruits, perfect for sipping on its own or as the base of a classic cocktail.

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