Metaxa 5 Stars Brandy

Metaxa 5 Stars Brandy


Size: 700ML
ABV%: 38.00%
Country: Greece

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About this product
Metaxa 5 Stars Brandy is a Greek brandy that has been synonymous with quality and excellence since its creation in 1888. Produced by the House of Metaxa, this brandy is made with a blend of distillates aged for up to five years in oak barrels. The brandy has a smooth and mellow taste with a distinctive bouquet of fragrant Muscat grapes and Mediterranean herbs. The Metaxa 5 Stars Brandy is perfect for sipping on its own, on the rocks, or as a base for cocktails. This brandy is a testament to the House of Metaxa's commitment to quality and craftsmanship, making it a must-try for any brandy enthusiast.

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