Pernod Liqueur

Pernod Liqueur


Size: 700ML
ABV%: 40%
Country: France

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About this product
Experience the timeless elegance of Pernod Liqueur, a classic spirit that has been cherished for generations. Crafted with the utmost care and expertise, Pernod is known for its distinct anise flavor, which unfolds into a symphony of botanical notes and subtle hints of herbs. Sip this iconic liqueur neat or explore its versatility in classic cocktails like the famous Pernod Absinthe Frappé. Let the smooth, aromatic profile of Pernod transport you to a world of refined indulgence. Whether enjoyed as an aperitif or a digestif, Pernod Liqueur is a true embodiment of French craftsmanship and a must-have for any discerning spirits enthusiast.

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