Churchills Dry White Port

Churchills Dry White Port


Size: 500ML
ABV%: 19.5%
Country: Portugal

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About this product
Experience the distinctive allure of Churchills Dry White Port, a captivating fortified wine that exemplifies the craftsmanship and elegance of the Churchill's Port House. This Dry White Port offers a delightful alternative to the traditionally sweeter styles, with a crisp and refreshing character. Delicate aromas of citrus fruits, white flowers, and subtle nutty notes entice the senses. On the palate, it reveals a well-balanced profile, with vibrant acidity and flavours of ripe orchard fruits, hints of almonds, and a touch of salinity. The Dry White Port from Churchills is a versatile choice, perfect for enjoying as an aperitif, accompanying seafood dishes, or pairing with cheeses. Elevate your wine experience with the captivating allure of Churchills Dry White Port and Savour the remarkable flavours of this distinguished fortified wine.

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